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Music Production Courses in Chennai

Music Production Courses Chennai


At John Lee School of Music , we offer music production courses in Chennai . The diploma program is aimed at covering and mastering the complete aspects of music production with the latest technology being practiced. There are numerous stages in music production such as composing , style of music , different form of songs , and instrumentation .

We also teach technical aspects in the course such as voice and instrument recording , how to edit audio and midi on a digital workstation . We will make sure that the students get the practical expertise and they can work in our studio with the assignments given from instructors.Here is the picture of our studio.

Music production courses in chennai


Our teachers will encourage the students to begin with their own ideas and develop into a full fledged structure .The guidance of our teachers who have more than 20 years of experience in the field of music production will be there with you . The classes will happen either 2 days a week or 3 days a week after detailed discussions from the students.

Listening analysis will be considered important in the program and we have separate sessions allocated for the students to analyze song forms and compositions. They can also create similar song forms and compositions based on the classes we conduct.This is one of the major reasons why our institute is considered as the best music production schools in chennai.

We have two full fledged studios in Chennai that has got all the modern equipment needed to complete the music production course . After the completion of the entire course , the students will be awarded degree certificates affiliated from international college.

Even intricate aspects such as string structure analysis and methods of composing using a computer will be taught in the program . The students will emerge as complete musician with the ability to produce own music with the help of the techniques that we teach .

Electronic music production courses in Chennai

MIDI/Audi Editing : Students will acquire in-depth knowledge of using microphone and editing it in various styles.

Mixing : Understanding the usage of different mixing related plugins . Implementing the same in the project ,will be part of the curriculum .

Fee Structure : The fee structure will be very reasonable for the program . Our intention is to provide the best music production course in Chennai at the lowest fee possible . You can be assured that the fee structure will be nominal . Please call us and we will walk you through the entire process.